Special events that don't exactly fit any of the Packages: Weddings, Funerals, Family Reunions, etc.

16 GB Thumb Drive - $25                                                 BluRay DVD - $25

Standard Definition DVD - $20                                         CD - $10

Hired us for a 10 hour day capturing as many people as you want during the day.   

Two thumb drive with movie files (s) (playable & editable files via computer - Quicktime files)

PACKAGE 4:  Custom Package

120 minute video interview at a location of your family's choosing.

Two thumb drives with movie file (s) (playable & editable files via computer - Quicktime files)

Package 1 plus a Video Vignette with 20-50 pictures overlaying up to 10 minutes of the best stories taken from the interview.  

PACKAGE 2:  Individual Interview plus 10 minute Vignette

The below list of package options doesn't capture the full range of the services we offer.  

Feel free to contact us regardless of your budget. 


PACKAGE 1:  Individual Interview

PACKAGE 3:  Multiple Interviews in one day/location


Video recording your loved ones' stories

Stories Not Forgotten