Stories Not Forgotten

Video recording your loved ones' stories


Capturing your family's stories and smiles is as easy as sitting down to chat or catch up.  Stories Not Forgotten is just a witness to your talk as it unfolds naturally. We take care of the lighting, the sound, and the video, so you can enjoy reminiscing with your loved ones. We can help you with questions and thoughts to prompt discussion and keep the stories coming. All you need to bring is yourself and your curiosity.

  • Discuss package options: audio only interview, audio & video interview, interview with pictures

  • Themes to be captured:  We all know that the best moments in life are unscripted, but sometimes it's helpful to plan too.  We can discuss potential stories and themes to capture.

  • Pictures: If adding pictures to your interview, let’s talk about what pictures will coincide with what stories.

  • When, where and what time:  Coordinating both you and your loved one's availability and where your loved one will feel most comfortable when telling his/her stories.

Day of Shoot footage

Day of Shoot: 

  • We’ will arrive one hour before the actual recording in order to set up the lights, sound and camera.

  • The interview itself can go up to 120 min.  Through trial and error, we found that about 2 hours is when people start to fatigue.  Please feel free to take breaks any time throughout the session.

  • We ask that you wear what’s comfortable but please no bright colors such as white or neon and no shirts with a tight stripe pattern.  Also no loud jewelry  because our sensitive audio equipment will pick up the noise.

  • After the interview, it should take about 30 minutes for us to take down our equipment.